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Web Development

Responsive Design

One website that looks beautiful on all devices. PC’s, tablets and mobile.

Wordpress plugins development

We develop custom plugins for WordPress installations.

Offline web applications

Create web applications that work even without an internet connection.

Database programming

Custom data management solutions designed for your specific needs.

PHP, javascript & html

Develop server and browser side applications.

Website optimisation

Optimise websites for quick loading times, fast navigation and easy discoverability.


Budgie Cuts

Coming Soon

Budgie Sites

Budgie Sites is a new product that we are offering for small businesses.


The price: R5000


What you get: One website for mobile, tablet and pc. Registration on the best indexes for your industry. Registration on Google Maps. Very easy to use content management system. Full control over your content and the database which holds it. Easy scalability and portability to other systems.


Why? When I am looking to purchase something, rent something or find accommodation I am constantly annoyed that so many services and places are not on the internet. When I am travelling and I type “accommodation” into my phone, I want to see all the accommodation in the area, not just those who can afford an expensive R50,000 website. Often the best deals are not the big companies, but the smaller ones in your neighbourhood if only you can find them.


This product answers that niche in the market. For one price and one payment you get to control your presence on the web. List products/services/availability as easily as creating a word document.


Thomas Birch




The Owner


Lectured mathematics at University of Cape Town and obtained a MSc. studying computable analysis, complexity & algorithmic randomness. Studied randomness at the University of Florida and computational prospects of infinity at the National University of Singapore.


Now days I spend my time programming and studying electronics, preparing for AfrikaBurn, and surfing (occasionally on weekends).